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  • What is the West Orange Chamber of Commerce?


    It is a voluntary organization that unites the forces of the community for the planned development and improvement of our business community. It is many people pooling together their ideas, talents, and resources - investing time and effort - to promote the economic health and welfare of the local community.


  • Who are our members?


    • Small business owners

    • Professionals in all fields

    • Major corporations

    • Corporate executives

    • Property owners

    • Community organizations and leaders

    • Active citizens



  • Marketing & Promotions

    • Spotlight TV 36 Commercials
    • Web Presence 
    • Print Promotion 
    • Discounted Pro. Videos 

     Sponsorship Opportunities 

    • Host a Member Meeting or 
    • Public networking event 

     Ad Journals 

     Expanded Network

  • Leadership

    • Bring new ideas
    • Help execute initiatives 
    • Exercise marketable skills 
    • Make an impact 


    • Learn new things 
    • Meet new people 
    • Build new relationships 
    • Chamber Status 
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